• You do not need to purchase a backpack or tote bag for the school year. Each student will receive a personalized Monarch Montessori School tote bag to use as his or her school bag each day! Your child’s tote bag will be hanging in his or her cubby on the first day of school.
  • CLASSROOM SHOES, slip-on shoes that are easy for your child to manage on his or her own. Either loafers, sandals, crocks, canvas no-tie sneakers or mules, moccasins, or velcro slippers with non-slip soles. No cartoon characters or branding of any kind please. Write your child’s name on each shoe. These shoes will stay at school. One source is
  • EXTRA CLOTHES, a complete change of clothes, labeled, and placed in a ziplock bag
  • RAIN BOOTS labeled with your child’s name. Slip-on rubber wellies work best. (Rain boots will be switched out for snow boots in the winter.)
  • LUNCH BOX for full day students, labeled with your child’s name. Help us minimize waste by choosing reusable containers or a bento box. Couple of sources:,, or Ziplock makes a divided rectangle container.
  • RESTING MAT for full day students. A small roll-up nap mat with attached pillow is ideal, try Lillian Vernon’s Lilly’s Kids’ Personalized Reversible Nap Pad. (Lilly’s Kids Reversible Nap Pad – about $25)
  • SUN HAT, a ball cap or sun hat for sunny days. This will stay at school.
  • FORMS completed and signed. (Go to For Parents > Downloads to download these forms.)
    • The Enrollment Contract
    • Authorization for Emergency Medical Care
    • Medical Record
    • History of Immunizations
    • Child Health Assessment
    • Medication Authorization
    • Photo Consent Form

Is absolutely everything labeled with your child’s name?

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