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Notification of Placement

Monarch Montessori School notifies you of acceptance into the program and offers you an Enrollment Contract. Upon signing, the parent or guardian returns the Enrollment Contract to the school office accompanied by a non-refundable Tuition Deposit and enrollment fee. Once the contract and deposit have been received by the school, your child’s place in the program is secured. The Tuition Deposit is equal to one month’s tuition and is applied toward the student’s last month’s tuition.

Admissions Policy

Monarch Montessori School does not discriminate in admissions or placement based on race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, or physical handicap. Acceptance is based on space availability, a family’s commitment to Montessori education for their child, and the child’s likely long-term attendance at Monarch Montessori School. All rights, privileges, programs and activities of the school are made available to all students of the school.

Order of Admission

Enrollment preference is given to returning students, siblings of current students, siblings of former students, and students transferring from another Montessori school.

Parameters for Attending Full Day

Full Day students in the Primary Classroom need must be fully potty-trained. They must be able to open and close their lunch boxes, feed themselves, sit at a table without assistance, and have basic self-care skills at meal time. Full Day students must not need a nap. We do not have nap rooms. Instead, the children rest quietly for 15-20 minutes after lunch each day, but they do not sleep. If your child is still napping in the afternoon, the Half Day programs allow him or her to attend for the whole morning, experience the uninterrupted work period, snack, line time, music, story time and outside play. Then your child goes home at 11:30 for lunch and a nap. Full Day students must have the self-control and concentration to participate in more complex lessons and practice challenging work in the afternoons. We know that these milestones in growth and maturity come at different times for each child, and we want to respect each child’s individual development and pace. Once underway, children can make great strides in these areas rather quickly. Please keep us posted on your status and know that we will work with you the best we can to meet your family’s needs and welcome your child into our Montessori classroom.

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Monarch Montessori School 7600 W 75th St Overland Park KS 66204

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